Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission, KS

saved over 10,000 animals since June 2011. Unleashed has played a key role in the no-kill movement in the Kansas City Metro area. They work closely with many shelters, including Kansas City, KS Animal Control, to take in many animals who would otherwise be euthanized. Unleashed started in the home of President and Founder, Danielle Reno, but moved to their current facility in January, 2012, where they house up to 120 dogs + 40 cats at any given time. They also have several hundred devoted foster homes, employ 6 full-time + 20 part-time life savers, and have a full vet care team on staff. Until now, Unleashed has been fortunate to be able to rent their space for $2000/month, and they have invested over $100,000 in improvements during that time. Now the building is for sale, and Unleashed needs to purchase it or Kansas City is at risk of losing this valuable organization, and hundreds of animals will have no place to go. They were able to come up with $25,000 as a down payment to secure a loan for the remainder of the purchase price ($350,000), however they recently learned it will actually require a $100,000 down payment since they are a 501(c)3. So now they have until the end of October 2015 to raise the remaining $75,000, or face evacuation. Please help save Unleashed!!